The Premium Laser Show System

Featuring the latest laser technology, the Radiant Professional Laser Show System by Prismatic Magic LLC immerses audiences in the rich, vivid colors and spellbinding imagery only possible with lasers. With a large library of captivating educational, family-oriented, and classic rock laser programs, Radiant is guaranteed to dazzle audiences for years to come. And best of all, the distracting image flicker typical of previous laser systems is a thing of the past, greatly enhancing the experience for all ages.

Ready to Go, Simple to Operate

Perfect for both domed and conventional theaters, the Radiant Professional Laser System's compact design enables it to seamlessly fit in among existing theater projection equipment. No special electrical, cooling, or maintenance considerations are required. Operating Radiant is a breeze, requiring no previous experience with lasers or laser show technology. With a simple click of a mouse, the operator chooses to play anything from a quick one-minute laser segment to a full-length laser light show.