Custom Shows

Imagine having your unique story or mission rendered in dazzling laser light. Leave your visitors with an impression that they are sure to remember for a very long time.

As one of the largest producers of laser show content in the world, Prismatic Magic's creative team is primed to get to work to create original laser show content for your special purpose. Whether a quick one-minute sponsor acknowledgement segment or a full-length animated extravaganza, our production team can craft a one-of-a-kind visual experience that's sure to help make your facility stand apart.

Custom Systems

Sometimes unique circumstances call for unique solutions. With over 12 years of engineering and manufacturing experience with vector-based laser projection systems, we're ready to design and manufacture the best application of laser projection technology for any venue.

Rental Laser Systems

If you're looking for a limited laser show run anywhere from one week to several months in duration, renting a system is likely to be the most cost effective solution. Rental systems are typically shipped to your door and take less than 20 minutes to get up and running.