Radiant Pro60 Laser Projector

The Radiant Pro60 is a professional full-color RGB laser projector that supports the most detailed laser animations, vibrant laser abstracts, and dazzling aerial laser beam effects ever displayed in a laser show. Featuring long-lived solid-state red, green and blue laser sources, lightning-fast CTI 6215 60,000 points-per-second wide-angle scanning mirrors, and a novel compartmentalized cooling system that minimizes the need for cleaning and realigning of optical components, the Radiant Pro60 is in a class of its own.

Key Features:

Plenty of Power

With 3 Watts of white-balanced laser light to draw from, the Radiant Pro60 is well suited for viewing on flat screens or domed surfaces from 6 to 60 feet in diameter.

Captivating Colors

Radiant's 638 nm red, 532 nm green, and 445 nm blue laser sources combine to produce scintillating hues and colors only possible by using coherent light.

Dazzling Detail

With scanning mirrors that are twice as fast as those used by other systems, the Pro60's 60K scanners generate much more complex imagery, dramatically enhancing the laser show experience.

No Distracting Laser Flicker

Fast scanning mirrors mean image refresh rates are so quick that the annoying flicker plaguing previous laser systems is virtually eliminated.

Ideal Playback Solution

While the Pro60 can be operated by any compatible laser show playback device, it is optimized to work with Pangolin Laser System's professional Lasershow Designer suite of products, enabling both point-and-click playback control for existing shows as well as the tools to generate original show content.

Built to Last

The Pro60's solid-state lasers have a rated lifetime of 10,000 hours. An internal suspension keeps the optics aligned despite vibrations, eliminating the need for frequent realignment.